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So often is the case that ideas, plans and strategies look great on paper, but so polarised when you take action. It can be increasingly frustrating when you are not achieving the results you set out for.

The longer this continues the more challenging things get, confidence can start to breakdown and your perceptions and attitudes will lead to negative results in your efforts.

So How Can I Help?

First lets look at the 3 important steps to creating a business of value with fans not customers:

Business Idea

In my insight session we start to review your validation process and identify the right actions you need to take to make things happen .
Whatever your idea, you need to really invest in the validity; this doesn’t stop at market research. 

Business Strategy

Before you go out and start getting business cards, stationery and investing in equipment/offices you need to get your strategy on point; what is your route to market, your customer acquisition processes and what is needed to automate the processes?

Understanding Your Customer

If you can determine your customer behaviour you can define their attitude. This is very important as this provides intelligence in how you approach to convert. 

The first thing we need to do is complete an insight session. Over 45 minutes we review your aspirations, actions and strategies, from this we will be able to produce an outline of:

Exactly what it is you are missing in your plan

Where the focuses needs to be in getting you and your business on track

What is needed to capitalise on your strengths

What Our Clients Say

"I have  always believed in coaching, but working with Ketan was different. Gaining fresh perspective from one of the most senior leaders in UK business, gave me invaluable insight and I've gained so much knowledge. The constructive and stimulating sessions we've had have been of immense value for my business"

Frances Lucraft,
Founder & Managing Director.

"The session with Kettan was outstanding. His immediate appreciation of our business needs and advice on funding strategies and process are exactly what I was looking for and I am delighted that he is so much 'on our case' ."

Jonathan Reuvid,
Author & Diretor IPR Connections

"It was great to meet Ketan and I really enjoyed taking the whole business apart and building it back up again bit by bit. I also enjoyed looking at the business and its next steps from a different perspective."

Lorraine Dallmeier 
Managing Director, Fomula Botanica

Ready to Talk to Us?

This 45 minutes is one of the most important you will spend on your business.
Whether you are just at an idea stage and need clarity on launching or you are already established and hitting ceilings of progression, an insight session with me will deliver you expert advice and guidance on how to get moving.
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